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  • Beautiful Black set of 3 glitter cases jewellery box

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    Beautiful shimmering glitter jewellery   box cases which looks amazing  when the light catches the glitters. 

    the sturdy cases has a front clasp which opens up to a black lined box to hold your precious jewellery  and items

    the box is finished with a black strap detail and studs around the top and the bottom as in the picture 

    this is for a small, medium and large as in the picture 

    sizes are small

    Height -   8.5cm

    width -     27cm

    depth -    15.5cm 


    sizes are 

    Height -   11cm

    width -    32cm

    depth -    20.5cm

    Large - 

    sizes are 

    Height -   13cm

    width -    36cm

    depth -    26cm

    more sizes are available and other colours coming soon